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 +====== Contact Us ======
 +Please submit your enquiry or comments via one of the methods below. ​ We value legitimate enquiries and customer feedback. ​ We will respond at our earliest possible opportunity.
 +===== Secure Instant Messaging =====
 +Send us your enquiry via our end-to-end encrypted [[https://​www.whatsapp.com/​|WhatsApp]] Business account:
 +[[https://​api.whatsapp.com/​send?​phone=441256808084&​text=I%20have%20an%20enquiry%20from%20your%20website|{{:​wiki:​whatsapp.png}}]] [[https://​api.whatsapp.com/​send?​phone=441256808084&​text=I%20have%20an%20enquiry%20from%20your%20website|Talk to us on WhatsApp]]
 +===== E-Mail =====
 +Action mail enquiries@sigma-uk.net
 +Thanks "​Thanks for your message. ​ We will be in touch as soon as possible..."​
 +Fieldset "Send us your message using the form below:"​
 +email "​E-Mail Address"​ @@
 +textbox "​Subject"​
 +textarea "​Enquiry"​
 +subject @@Subject@@
 +submit "​Send"​
 +===== Social Media =====
 +Get in touch via one of our public, social media forums:
 +  * {{:​wiki:​facebook.png}} [[https://​www.facebook.com/​SigmaConsultingServices|Facebook]]
 +  * {{:​wiki:​gplus.png}} [[https://​www.google.com/​+Sigma-ukNet|Google+]]
 +===== Telephone =====
 +Please call or leave us a voice message on [[tel>​+441256808084|+44 (0)1256 808084]].
 +===== Post =====
 +Our Registered Office, for official correspondence,​ is:
 +Temperance House\\
 +Langdon Lane\\
 +CV35 0UQ