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 +====== Welcome ======
 +Welcome to Sigma Consulting Services. ​ We provide IT services to small and medium sized businesses across the UK.  For smaller companies, we can provide all the services you would normally expect from an in-house IT department without the knowledge and costs required to run one.  Where an existing IT infrastructure exists, we can offer additional expertise in specialist areas, development of bespoke applications or on-going support.
 +Our current range of services includes:
 +  * Pro-active IT support
 +  * Secure network design and implementation
 +  * Bespoke application design and development
 +  * Flexible, cost saving telephony based on Voice over IP (VoIP)
 +  * Migration, upgrade and enhancements to existing systems
 +For further details of the technologies we work with and our business values, read more [[sigma:​about|about us]].
 +At Sigma Consulting Services we believe in [[wp>​Open-source_software|open-source software]] and like to share our expertise and experience back with the Internet community. ​ To this end, we have a range of technical [[sigma:​how_to|articles]] covering both open-source and proprietary software products.
 +If you would like to know more about our services or have a comment to make on something you have seen on our website, please do not hesitate to [[sigma:​contact|contact]] us.  We look forward to hearing from you.